Nov 2 PM Update / 100% S-Fund

Good Evening Folks

A review of the previous two weeks action was conducted over the weekend, with special attention on last week.  Long story short, I am changing my TSP Allocation to 100% S-Fund.

Bottom line, is volumes have indeed returned to the point where I am  confident to return to stocks.   In addition, because of the price action last week, we have three “Gap Up” days in the NASDAQ index, which means the next day’s low price was physically above the prior day’s high price, causing a “gap” to appear on the chart.  Gap’s, whether in an uptrend or downtrend, are typically a reliable signal in respect to the particular direction the index is already going.   Gaps are more common in stand alone stocks, such as AAPL (Apple).   AAPL may report great earnings, and because everyone jumps into AAPL the next day, the stock “gaps up.”   On an index, which represents ALL the stocks, it is harder to obtain a gap up.   The NASDAQ displayed three (3) Gap Up Days since October 20, until present, which is only ten or so trading days worth of time.  In addition, the NASDAQ has made an All Time High, another bullish (good) signal.

Small cap stocks (S-Fund) are outperforming all other stocks, to include large caps and international.   Small cap stocks almost always are NASDAQ stocks, which also happens to be the best performing index at the present time, versus SP 500 and Dow Jones Index.  There is no indication that small-cap stocks will suddenly stop their current performance, however we must monitor things (as always) and be flexible.

It is not known how long this uptrend will last however historically the worst months of the year, August, September, October, are now confirmed behind us.  This historical fact, combined with documented questionable behavior by the markets, all discussed in past posts here, was largely the decisional factor in my prior since-August G-Fund position.  However November, December, and January, are the best months of the calendar, and here we are, November.  The very first November trading day is Monday Nov-3. 

I may post an more in-depth update later this week, however again, I am 100% S-Fund as of November 2, 2014 (date of TSP Allocation change request into TSP site).

Thank You everyone

- Bill Pritchard

Oct 29, 2014 PM Update

Good Evening Folks

Been out TDY so wasn’t able to update until tonight.   No cool charts but long story short I want this week to come to a close before making any decisions on leaving G-Fund, where I am now.   As many know, the markets sold off and crashed pretty hard a few weeks ago.   Soon after that, likely (however I own no crystal ball…) “bargain hunters” stepped into the game and bought “cheap” stocks and thus pushed the indexes back up.  We had some decent high volume days, with a close price higher than the open price, indicating accumulation.   There is a difference between a “bargain hunter” who is a large fund or institutional investor buying “bargains” (cheap stocks, TSLA was $250, now it is $220, a “bargain”) and the investor who is basically voting on the economy via huge buying power and vacuuming up everything in sight because he thinks in 1, 2, 3, years, the economy is going to be booming and therefore his investment will pay off.   My opinion is the latter example sold-off in early October, and the bargain hunter came in last week and did some buying, bringing his metal detector to the beach and picking up hidden coins and gems amongst the sand.   I don’t think the bargain hunter group can overpower the earlier sell-off group but I have been wrong before…

With that said, recent volumes have started to dry up, and it is looking like the same behavior from August, when the index went up, but on low volume.

In addition, market reaction to today’s FOMC statement was muted at best, also what I call “less than enthusiastic.”  The statement discussed the end of QE (Quantitative Easing) which most feel has already been “priced into” the market, but I guess that is my point.  If indeed priced in, what triggered the recent sell-off in first week of October ?  It is not known (and only via watching the indexes) if enough buying power exists to truly reverse the bearish signals from a few weeks ago.    The markets could have said “ok, cool, that’s what we expected [QE Ending], no changes, lets rally today”, or could have said “wow, yes, it is confirmed, QE is over, the world is ending, time to go down” but they just didn’t do anything.   I am intrigued by this reaction (or lack of reaction).

In my opinion the bulls (believe the market will go up) will wrestle with the bears (believe market will go down) for a few weeks and THEN a solid direction up or down will be determined.   Also note my “mid-November” hypothesis posted prior to today.

I think that while this wrestling match is underway, we need to stay out of the ring.  I remain 100% G-Fund (yes, possibly overly conservative, but remember, none of my subscribers who were in G-Fund lost any money August-Present).

Lets allow the the week to close out and take another look at it.   Remember a past example of dying dogs and one last strong kick:    A strong up day (or two) does not mean we immediately dive back into the sometimes dangerous stock market waters.    I prefer to see an overall behavior change and sentiment shift before I take action.   The neighborhood bully who is on his best behavior for two days at Grandma’s does not then make him an angel.

Enough goofy examples….you get the idea….

Happy Halloween and talk to everyone soon…

- Bill Pritchard

Oct 21 PM Update / Markets rally strongly

Today October 21, all indexes rallied strongly, in one of the strongest one-day performances I have ever personally seen in many years of trading.  NOTE:   Some of this “rally” was largely due to one stock, Apple (AAPL), which is NASDAQ’s largest stock, and is found as a holding in just about every mutual fund known to man.   The positive mood surrounding Apple trickled into other NASDAQ stocks, thus lifting the index, which is largely tech-company weighted.  While AAPL was the main reason the markets went up, I will take rays of sunshine whenever they shine.  Airline stocks also rebounded strongly, as the 21-day incubation period of Ebola has passed and nobody else is apparently infected, and the world (for now) is not ending.  The ISIS news also seems to have subsided, either due to reduced reporting and/or reduced ISIS activity.   Due note that my opinion is the planned interest rate hikes for summer/fall 2015 have not changed, and this may throw some logs into the path of the market as we approach that time frame.   However, if we can grab some gains for a few months before then, that would be great.  

My desire is to let the week finish out before making new allocation decisions, however those who have been in G-Fund since August (like me), have a full bag of cash, undamaged from recent turmoil, to use in the event we jump back into stock funds.  The last few weeks have witnessed multiple, damaging, triple digit down days, and one-day’s performance will not necessarily change the direction of the ocean liner called the stock market, so let’s see how the week plays out- but the markets may be turning upward.   I don’t base decisions on one day alone, but make no doubt about it, today was indeed a great day.

Standby to standby for a weekend update.

I remain 100% G-Fund for now.

Thanks everyone – talk to you soon !

- Bill Pritchard

Oct 16 AM Update–Dow futures down 100+ points

Good Morning

In my second AM update in two days, required due to the recent market turmoil, the Dow Jones futures are trading 100+ points (125-150, variable) lower this morning.  See image:

DOW FUTURES 10 16 14 thumb Oct 16 AM Update–Dow futures down 100+ points

What this means is basically we have another rough day in store for us in the regular stock markets, today October 16.  Note that I made the same assessment, yesterday 10-15, pre-market, and this assessment was proven correct with the Dow Jones dropping at one point 350+ points.

To reiterate earlier statements, I remain in G-Fund, and have been in G-Fund since August, due to my observations and signals of market weakness.   This signals have clearly proven correct as all of 2014’s gains are wiped clean, gone, in recent days.   The other site’s claims of “we performed great in 2014” can be ignored, and sadly the “other sites” have done nothing, zero, to protect your current balance from damage.  Most other TSP sites are currently frozen in gridlock, gripped by panic due to the recent turmoil.   The world is great until it is not great.   Meanwhile, this site seeks to get folks “off the X.”  This is the difference between this site and other sites, who are chasing gains and pat themselves on the back when their broken clocks happen to have the correct time twice a day.

Those in G-Fund have seen no damage to their accounts, and remain safe from this violent and damaging storm. 

I remain 100% G-Fund.   Thanks everybody and have a good day !

- Bill Pritchard

Oct 15 AM Update – Going to be a rough day….

Good Morning

As I head out the door, I took a look at the Dow Jones futures market, which trades overnight.  Dow Jones futures are down 130 points.   Current time is approx 7:55 AM Central, the regular stock markets open in 35 minutes.

DOW FUTURES 10 15 14 thumb Oct 15 AM Update – Going to be a rough day….

Futures almost always reflect the “mood” of traders going into the regular stock markets, so today may be a rough day.

Keep those seatbelts on…

- Bill Pritchard

Oct 13 Update – another negative 200 points on Dow

Good Evening Folks

Well, today it is October 13, and maybe that is a bad number to start the week on, as the Dow Jones is down over 200 points.   Today, as most of us are aware, is a Federal holiday, however the markets were open, a sort of oddity but these things happen nonetheless.   Historically, Columbus day is a quiet day in the markets, as most schools are closed and it indeed is a national holiday.  Indeed, in past years, Columbus Day has witnessed reduced action due to traders and Wall Street participants on a three-day weekend.

Except for today’s Columbus day.   SP 500 and NASDAQ volume was huge, with severe losses on all indexes.   As stated, the Dow was down over 200 points.   The SP 500 is my “go to index” but I make mention of the Dow because every financial news site is in love with that index, so I will make reference to it here also.   The SP 500 Exchange Traded Fund (ETF), ticker symbol SPY, which trades like a stock and is designed to “mirror” the SP 500 index, traded lower on double its average trading volume.   A very important level, 1900, on the SP 500, was violently penetrated to the downside, today.

Lets look at some charts:

SP500 10 13 14 thumb Oct 13 Update – another negative 200 points on DowSP 500 10 13 14 close comments thumb Oct 13 Update – another negative 200 points on Dow

SPY 10 13 2014 thumb Oct 13 Update – another negative 200 points on DowSPY 10 13 2014 comments thumb Oct 13 Update – another negative 200 points on Dow

As can be seen via these charts, with comments on the charts, the Bearish action continues.  Important to note is that the index is now below its prior lows in the 1900 area, an area in which I went to G-Fund in early August, only to have the index (at that time) suspiciously reverse course upward.  I kind of beat myself up (and took a rubbing) on that “call” but I remained firm, as my system was indicating weakness ahead.  Many approached me one-on-one and asked my opinion, my reply was that I was remaining in G-Fund as I was skeptical of the that uptrend, which lasted most of August but on very low volume (apparent on above charts).  A few elected to be lone rangers and “do their own thing” (Type A personalities, gotta love our colleagues, bless their hearts) while others decided to remain in G-Fund.

Comment:  Remember my prior post about “8 weeks” from market peak and early warning signs, to when the real damage starts to occur?  My prior post stated “mid November” as the most recent market peak (8 weeks prior) was “mid September.”   BUT if we go back further, before mid-Sept, the market peaked in late July, approx July 25.   It then broke down and I went to G-Fund.   Using the market peak of July 25, lets add 8 weeks to that, that gives us Oct 25.   So my point (rambling…) is things may actually be falling apart now, versus mid-November.   That is kind of in the crystal-ball category but it is something to mention.

I continue to remain 100% G-Fund.   

Thanks for reading and lets see how this week plays out.  Please share, tell, demand, order your colleagues to sign up for email updates to this site, if you feel they would benefit.    Thanks !

- Bill Pritchard

Oct 10 Update: SP 500’s worst week in 2 years

Well, when I stated back on August 7 that I observed “cracks”  in the markets and market weakness ahead, and made my move to G-Fund (and advising my subscriber base), who would have thought that 8 weeks later the markets would have taken such negative hits like this week.   I made multiple, repeated, posts, since August 7, reaffirming my concerns of market weakness and desire to remain in the G-Fund, and this week is the perfect example of its role as a “safety cover and concealment” tool.   Some readers “grew bored” in G-Fund and returned to stock funds, which, I can understand, but those who remained in G-Fund have seen zero, none, no damage to their accounts.

Bloomberg News is reporting that the SP 500 index has had its worse week in 2 years, and the Dow Jones Index has erased all 2014 gains.  Just, wow.

Watching this from the G-Fund is like watching a train wreck.  Far enough so you don’t get hit by flying debris but close enough to see and hear the crash.   Sadly, I don’t think the train wreck is even fully going yet.  My crystal-ball (never really has ever worked, but…) is telling me “Mid-November” may be the start of the real pain.

The “other sites” (you know, the ones with no apparent owner, just some mysterious people who type stuff, or whose physical address is a Mail Boxes Etc. store) continue to advocate stock allocations instead of the G-Fund.   Good Luck with that.   Remember, I look at things mostly from a price/volume and “behavior” perspective, not one day this, one day that.   I look at the overall “animal” called the market and make my decisions that way.   Don’t be swayed by one day “up days.”   We had “the strongest day in 2014” on Oct 8. 

That didn’t last long.  A dying dog can give one more hard kick before the lights go out.

I remain 100% G-Fund…I try not to reach out and catch falling knives.   The Fed Trader has been the only site to discuss the importance of G-Fund, as early as August 7, remaining safe in the G-Fund since that date. 

Everybody have a good weekend, and if anyone (and their TSP balance) could benefit from the discussion and commentary on this site, please share it with them. 

Thanks !    Take care

- Bill Pritchard

October 8 Update / Dow slammed –272 points

Hello Everybody

On 10-07 the Dow Jones got slammed with a 272 point loss by end of day.  This is not the signal of a pending new upturn.  Lets take a look at some charts:

NASDAQ 10 07 14 thumb October 8 Update / Dow slammed –272 pointsNASDAQ 10 07 14 comments thumb October 8 Update / Dow slammed –272 pointsSP 500 10 07 14 thumb October 8 Update / Dow slammed –272 pointsSP 500 10 07 14 comments thumb October 8 Update / Dow slammed –272 points

As stated, the Dow Jones Index went down 272 points.   This is a very significant amount and associated to institutional investors “fleeing” the markets.  The various financial news websites are discussing Europe fears, etc. stuff, but as you know, on this free site, since August 7, I have discussed my own concerns of market weakness.   Eight short weeks later, October 7, and the wheels are starting to come off  the market’s axle, as the bus apparently rolls downhill with no brakes and no concern for the destruction it leaves behind.   Unless, of course, you are in G-Fund, which is where I am now. It should be noted that all TSP Stock funds had negative returns in September, a month that I was in G-Fund for the entire time, as were many Fed Trader followers.

It should be additionally noted that last week, Thursday 10-02, and Friday 10-03, the markets went up, on decent volume, and some “experts” in the financial press could be found celebrating how the prior down days (before 10-02) were “temporary blips” and the “market is going into the weekend on an upbeat note.”   Some sites celebrated the “positive jobs report”, ignorant of the fact that the positive jobs report only added another layer of cement onto the sealed deal called guaranteed interest rate hikes in 2015.  

The 1965 level which I discussed on this site on Sept 30, was barely touched and no significant penetration on 10-02 nor 10-03, so I immediately knew those days’ action were just a feeble attempt by the market to make some final gasps.  

It is valuable to note that in prior Bear Markets, the major flash fire really only got going until 8 weeks after the recent market peak of the prior Bull.   Some smoke and a few sparks here and there, but the major crash did not start for 8 weeks or so (approx).   Our peaks in the NASDAQ and SP500 have been basically “mid September” so using this general guideline, it is possible that “mid November” we see a major downward slide.  Possible.   This may be a little earlier or a little later.   But if my beliefs are correct that a new Bear is in the works, then my opinion is “mid November” is something to monitor. 

None of the above, or information from my prior posts, has been put forth by similar TSP websites, easily found via Google, of which many exist.  Nobody is talking about increased volume and distribution, or support levels on the SP 500.   That level commentary is available at the The Fed Trader, but nowhere else.   If you want cut and pasted news articles and regurgitated “buy and hold” mantra, it is readily available, trust me.   If you want tactical decision making and the reasons behind it, only one place has it, The Fed Trader.   A cursory glance at “the other sites” show many absurd recommendations, such as S-Fund, partial L-Fund and C-Fund, and other stuff.   Folks, the Dow Jones (over the last few weeks) has taken 200 point, 250 point, 272 point blows.  That is not a “we think the market will do this” or “it is likely that” kind of stuff.   Those triple digit losses have happened.   They occurredPeriod, the end.   Also,  we have a fundamental/economic back-drop of pending interest rate hikes, European economic concerns, military action against ISIS (which will cost money and impact the federal budget), mid-term elections, and other things in-play.    Let the numbers talk.   Fed Trader readers in the G-Fund in September, lost no money to their account balances.   Other website readers, lost money.  S-Fund was down 5% in September.   That means a $500,000 TSP non-Fed Trader subscriber saw $25,000 evaporate in September.   

I remain 100% G-Fund.   Please continue to share this free site with your friends and colleagues.  I sign my name after every post and my picture is posted in the event someone wants to throw darts at it.   I encourage folks to find a similar site which does the same and has the same transparency.  

I hope everyone has a great week. 

- Bill Pritchard

Sept 30 Update / Markets continue downward action

Hello Everybody

Today is Sept 30; the markets have continued to decline since my last update on Sept 25.   It is worthwhile to mention that since August 7, I have expressed my personal opinion regarding concerns that the market is weakening and becoming a risky place to be in.   Since August 7, I have been 100% G-Fund.   I got a few reader emails regarding being over-conservative and some “missed gains” but I stand by my opinion that the markets are deteriorating.  I have wished and hoped for positive signs, and believe me, watch the market everyday, searching for a slice of good news or rays of sunshine between the storm clouds, but have not seen any yet.

Today we had another Distribution Day in the markets, and according to the folks over at Investors Business Daily, we are at 7 Distribution Days for the NASDAQ and 6 days for the SP 500.   I include “almost distribution days” in my personal assessment of the markets, as “almost days” are important to be cognizant of, even if not technically qualifying as Distribution days.   We have had a handful of “almost days” in both indexes.   As discussed on this site, multiple days of distribution, typically four to seven, within four to six trading weeks, tends to stop existing uptrends and reverse them into downtrends.   We are basically at that point now.  

Lets look at some charts.  I used SPY ETF for a better snapshot of volume activity of the SP 500.  Note that 1965 is the new support level for the SP 500.   Any penetration below this level is yet another warning sign of an upcoming (and now probable) Bear market.

SPY 09 30 14 comments 300x225 Sept 30 Update / Markets continue downward actionSP 500 09 30 14 close comments 300x225 Sept 30 Update / Markets continue downward action

As we can see, the index continues downward, with increased volume during the recent few days.   It should be noted that a frequently used Small-Cap Index, the Russell 2000 (the TSP S-Fund will behave very close to this index), is already below its 200-day Moving Average, which is a Bearish (negative) sign for small-cap stocks.

It is valuable to consider the fact that prior bear markets caught most people by surprise, this occurred in 1987, in 2000, again in 2008 (although less so, most woke up to the fact that a grave crisis was in the works), and will probably occur again this time around.  History almost always repeats itself.   In almost every case, investors were riding the euphoria of a prior bull market and “good times”, and with their heads in the sand, got blindsided by a bear market.   However warning signs exist, all documented on this site, of a possible looming bear market.  This can occur gradually “death by a thousand paper cuts” or can start with a huge slam down, then a continued, but gradual, downward trend.   While one cannot predict the severity of the next bear market, one can control his exposure via allocation decisions and diversification, to include being entirely out of stocks all together.

Now, the market may magically reverse direction tomorrow and go to the moon.   And if anybody wants to be out of G-Fund, it is me.   But, I don’t see that happening.

In summary I continue to remain 100% G-Fund.

I ask that everyone continue to share this site with friends and colleagues.   Subscriber numbers have gone into the stratosphere, and I want to keep the momentum going.

Thanks and talk to everyone soon

– Bill Pritchard



Sept 25 Update / Dow down 250 Points

Good afternoon from a major airport Admirals Lounge and Wi-Fi….

In the “I kinda mentioned this” category, today the market’s engine lost a few more cylinders, with the Dow Jones index dropping 250 points in one day (we have approx 2 hours left to go….present time is 12:55 PM Central Time).

Financial media is advising that this is the largest decline in 8 weeks.   Note that this is on HIGH VOLUME….this is clearly undesirable behavior.

Note additionally that I personally cannot find any other TSP information site, or even most of the major market news websites, that has taken the lonely position I have held since August, in which I presented my opinion that the market was weak and subject to additional declines.   Since August, I have been in G-Fund and continue to remain in G-Fund.

Talk to everyone soon….I will be boarding a flight soon and off the air for a few days in travel status.

– Bill Pritchard